Banana bread - 5

Best Tasting 100% Whole Wheat Honey-Banana Bread – So Delicious!

The joy of 100% Whole Wheat Honey-Banana Bread. Have you ever baked banana bread using 100% whole wheat flour and honey? If you haven’t, you’re in for a delicious treat! This honey-banana recipe has been our go-to recipe for years, and every time I feel like trying a different one Read More


Multigrain Whole Wheat Bread Recipe – Hearty and So Yummy!

Hello, bread baking lovers! If you love the heartiness and crunchiness of a multi-grain loaf of bread, you can’t go wrong with this Multigrain Whole Wheat Bread Recipe. Its taste and smell are heavenly, although I can pretty much say that about every bread recipe I’ve gotten my hands on, Read More

100% Whole Wheat Breadsticks

Soft and Delicious 100% Whole Wheat Breadsticks (Better than Little Caesar’s!)

Hello friends! This past week I was on a quest to find THE go-to recipe for 100% whole wheat breadsticks.  I’ve tried recipes in the past that use a combination of white flour and whole wheat flour with good results, but I still wasn’t satisfied. I wanted my breadsticks to Read More