Multigrain Whole Wheat Bread Recipe – Hearty and So Yummy!

Hello, bread baking lovers!

If you love the heartiness and crunchiness of a multi-grain loaf of bread, you can't go wrong with this Multigrain Whole Wheat Bread Recipe. Its taste and smell are heavenly, although I can pretty much say that about every bread recipe I've gotten my hands on, right? Are you as obsessed as I am with the taste and smell of homemade bread?

Multigrain whole wheat bread

The taste and smell of homemade bread--whether it's white flour, whole wheat, or multigrain--are simply addicting.

After my first time baking bread, I was hooked! There 's no way I could ever go back to buying bread at the grocery store. There have been times when I've had no other choice--mostly when I've been out of town or a bit under the weather--and after the third day of eating store-bought bread, my family starts showing their disgust and requesting homemade bread again. I've truly spoiled them, haven't I? But I love it. They've already told me how I NEED to teach their future spouses how to bake bread, especially my basic 100% whole wheat bread recipe. I think I already know what my wedding present will be for all of them--a Bosch Universal Mixer.

Multi-grain whole wheat bread

As some of you know, I bake bread weekly. My family loves my Simply Wheat Signature Recipe and it never gets old. And even though it's a great recipe, I sometimes miss the crunchiness of a multigrain whole wheat bread.

This recipe I'm sharing with you today I absolutely LOVE, but I don't make it as often as I'd like since my 9-year-old son is not fond of finding "seeds' in his bread. However, sometimes I rebel and make this awesome multigrain whole wheat recipe for my own indulgence. It was passed down to me by my friend Stacie (thank you, Stacie!!!) and I can't be more pleased with the results. It's hearty, crunchy (go millet!) and bursting with flavor. You really have to try it!

My mouth is watering right now just thinking about how tasty it is.

I'm sorry for the lack of pictures this time around, but I'll be making this recipe next week again and will update this post with more pictures. The pictures above are of the bread loaves nicely shaped in their bread pans and ready to rise. The end result is very similar to what my Easy Sprouted Whole Wheat Bread looks like, except it'll look more 'seedy' on the surface. So aside from tasting heavenly, it also looks beautiful--just round and perfect!

Are you ready for this? Let's do it!

Multigrain Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

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  1. Add the water, honey, and oil to the Bosch Universal Mixer.
  2. Add about 5 cups of the flour, followed by the yeast, millet, flax seed, wheat germ, and sunflower seeds. Mix on speed 1 until combined. Let sit for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Add the lemon juice or dough enhancer, salt and vital wheat gluten (if using it), and on speed 1, continue to add whole wheat flour until the dough comes clean from sides of the bowl.
  4. Knead for about 5-6 minutes. Check for gluten development.
  5. Place dough on an oiled counter (or on a silicone mat) and using your dough cutter, divide the dough into 5 equal parts (a kitchen scale is very helpful for this part). Shape each section into a loaf and place in bread pans.
  6. Bake at 350 F for 30 minutes. Allow bread to cool off for a few minutes before releasing from the pans and placing on a cooling rack. Slice bread when it's come down to room temperature. Enjoy!

This bread takes a bit longer to rise because of all the grains (there is less wheat overall). Just wait until it almost doubles in size before baking. Also, the flour amount is only an estimate. You may or may not use all the flour. Lastly, the vital wheat gluten helps to make your bread a bit more spongy, but it's not essential. So if don't care to add more gluten to your bread, leave it out. You may also make half of the recipe (3 loaves) by splitting all the ingredients in half.

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