Beverly is a bread GENIUS!

I took my first bread class from Beverly 8 years ago. Her basic wheat bread recipe is still a staple in my home today! Because of her instruction and encouragement, I found out that I LOVE to make bread.. Today, thousands of loaves later, I still love to experiment with breads and techniques. My favorite dough to “play” with is Beverly’s Simply Wheat bread but I will be trying her new bread recipe every month! Thank you wouldn’t be saying enough. TAKE THE BREAD CLASS!! You’ll never regret it.

Taunya Otten

Beautiful and delicious bread baskets!

I have ordered these beautifully wrapped and prepared baskets the last 2 holiday seasons. Both years I have been pleasantly surprised by their contents and have received so many comments and thank you’s from the neighbors and friends that we delivered them to! They are seriously so cool… homemade bread and cutting board, knife, candy apple, chocolate, local honey etc. It is fun to see what Beverly decides to put in the basket each year! She is so talented I will be ordering these again next year!

Lindsay Saurey

The Best Bread Ever!

Beverly makes the best bread! And with an incredible presentation. I still remember the first time I had a slice of her bread–she gave us a loaf for Christmas, even a cutting board, and a bread knife, and from then on I was hooked. I love to spread Nutella all over it! I can sit and eat a whole loaf of bread, all by myself. So 😋 yummy!!

Guadalupe Adams

Delicious bread!

With the goal of being able to bake nutritious and delicious homemade bread for my family, I began searching for whole wheat bread recipes. After many unsuccessful attempts, with my bread turning out flat and dull, I reached out to Beverly for help. Beverly gave me wonderful tips to help improve the texture and taste of my bread using her Simply Wheat bread recipe. She also introduced me to different kitchen gadgets that helped to make my bread-making experience easier and more effective. I use her Simply Wheat bread recipe not only to make bread but also pizza dough, tortillas, and “domplines”(Puerto Rican fried dough). I am so grateful for Beverly’s help in improving my bread making skills! She is extremely talented!

Lidia Zayas

Beverly’s bread is fluffy and hearty!

When she came over to show me how to make 100% whole wheat bread, she taught me a few techniques that are essential to bread making, and that’s made a difference in making my bread turn out every time. Love it!

Ilenia Vallecillos

Beautiful Platters & Delicious Bread!

I am so grateful for Beverly & the talents that she shares with me! She makes such delicious bread and beautiful baskets that are so fun & creative. The people who receive the baskets are always so amazed by what is in them and how yummy they are. I really enjoy giving them as gifts to others. Thank you for being so awesome, Beverly!:)

Hilaree Lee

Simply Beyond Fabulous…

Definitely one of the best recipes and tasting bread out there, hands down!
Not only is it beyond delicious to taste, it is made with quality and healthy ingredients!
Simply Wheat Bread, is Simply beyond fabulous….it is delicious bread in all the best ways!

Allysun Christensen

Beverly’s bread is delicious and easy to make!

Thank you for sharing your recipe, Beverly! It’s delicious and very easy to make. I love that this recipe is not only tasty but healthy too! My family loves it. I used to be scared of making bread, but since I tried your recipe I never failed. I learned that practice makes perfect. Can’t wait for more delicious recipes.

María Novak

Best bread I’ve ever tasted!

Beverly has the skill of bread making down to an art. Whether you want to learn to make bread or have her make it for you and arrange it in a beautiful gift basket, you won’t be disappointed. This is not like the wheat bread you buy at the store. It’s soft, delicious, and healthy!

Janice Thomas

Perfect texture!

Beverly’s bread is amazing–perfect texture, healthy ingredients, delicious taste!

Lisa Gorton